Business Costings


This is the first time I have been introduced to business costing. At first I thought it was pointless, but then realised it’s only going to benefit me in the long run and that it is an important part of business especially if I want to be a freelance designer.  I am happy that this is part of our brief as I will gain the experience in order to help me in my future career. Throughout this course, everything has always been available for me, free of charge and I have never had to worry about buying anything myself or using a certain machine, but in the future, if I want to hold my own business, I will need to think about the costs of everything in order to ensure I have enough budget to purchase everything.


I have constructed a series of outcomes that will be part of my exhibition, these include: 1 mannequin, 2 dresses, 2 wall hangings, a series of gloves and a selection of frames. My purpose was to take my them ‘memory’ and produce something that I have never done before. I wanted to follow my concept and tell a story of my life, the people I love and the memories I have created and remember. The pieces I have created all resemble something or someone close to me, as every piece has images of my family members. As well as artist research, my inspiration also comes from myself as I am a very emotional and loving person  and I wanted to show this through my work. Even though a few of my pieces are garments, they are not pieces that can be worn or sold, as they are personal and more suitable for gallery/exhibition artwork.



Fabrics- £2.00 per metre £1.00 per half metre

  • Muslin- (all together for whole project) (dresses,mannequin,gloves,samples,wall lengths)=3 metres dresses+2 metres wall lengths,samples+1 metre print length+ gloves and mannequin=3+2+1=6×2= £12
  • Cotton= £2
  • Newspaper=70p
  • Paper=£2.50 pack
  • Acetate=£5
  • Tracing Paper-£3.00
  • Wax Paper-£20
  • Fax Paper-£7
  • Interfacing-30p
  • Card-£1
  • Masking Tape-£1
  • Double sided Tape£1
  • Pins-£1.30
  • Sewing Needles-£2.00
  • Threads-50p x5=£2.50
  • Acrylic Paints- £9.00
  • Dyes(£2.50) per colour- 9 colours= £22.50
  • Ink Pad- £1
  • Lettered/Numbered Stamps- £9
  • Tags-£1
  • Felt Tips-£2
  • Sewing Machine-£240
  • Hot Wax Machine-£55
  • Wax Melts-£4
  • Mannequin-£60
  • Embroidery Wheels-£1.00
  • Vintage Frames-£1.19+£2.55+£2.59+£1.20=£7.53
  • Hangers-£3.00
 Total Cost=£464.33

Printing/Sewing Costs

Use of sewing machine-£10 per week- 3×10=£30

Use of Print room-£10 per day- 5×10=£50

Print screens-£30 a day-5×30=£150

Squeegee- £10 a day-5×10=£50

Specialist Knowledge Time-Gwyneth-£20per hour- 2×20=£40

Cost Figures of each Piece

Hourly Rate-£10

  1. Gloves-18 – 20 mins per glove (approx),1 hour per 3 gloves= 6 hours =6 hours x£10 per hour=£60.00
  2.  Screen Printed Material for gloves and samples- 5 hours=5 hours x £10 per hour=£50
  3. Small samples- ,layered,stitched,waxed-1 hour per few samples (depending on how much work is needed or what technique is being applied)= 4 hours x £10 per hour=£40
  4. Dress, hand painted, stitched-5 hours=5 hours x £10 per hour= £50
  5. Dress, printed and stitched-6 hours=6 hours x £10 per hour= £60
  6. Printed, stitched length- 10 hours= 10 hours x £10 per hour= £100
  7. Small stitched length- 2 hours=2 hours x £10 per hour= £20
  8. Samples for frames- 4 hours= 4 hours x £10 per hour= £40
Total Time Taken For All Collection=42 hours x £10 per hour= £420

Exhibition Costs

Painted Board x2- £5

Hire of screens- £20 per week – 20x 4- £80

Spotlights- £7

Fishing wire- £4