Action Plan/Timetable/Records

actionThis is the timetable that was given to us, it has all the important deadlines and days highlighted so we can keep track of how much time we have for certain targets to be achieved. I personally enjoy having this as I am better prepared and organized and I know when certain assessments and days are coming up. 20170320_194351[1]20170320_194421[1]20170320_194439[1]20170320_195116[1]

This is my written copy of my action plan. It is really beneficial because we can set specific targets that need to be achieved within a week or the end of a certain day. It really helps ticking off things I have completed as I know I can now move on to another sample or piece of work. Having all the recourses listed also benefits me as I know the exact materials and items that I will need for the specific thing.20170320_194601[1]

Week Date of Beginning of week Activity/Intentions/independent study/What do I need to do? Resources/What will I need? Achieved/Not Achieved?/Notes  
1 20th Feb -Present ideas to tutor

-Draft of Project Proposal

-Create new (FMP) blog

-Collect Primary research- Old Photos, Objects, personal belongings

-Tree photo

-Go library get some books


-Access to blog- phone/computer/laptop/Ipad

-My notes-diary/pen paper

-Home photos

-Visits to shops/places/old house

-Access to library

All achieved except visit to old house is pretty difficult- don’t know how to ask to get picture of tree.

-Visit more shops- Charity Shops-old wedding dresses.

2 27th Feb -Present research to Nicola and develop drawings/work from it

-Have Project Proposal completed

-Visit Museums (if not already)

-Record everything on blog including project Proposal

-Put any pictures taken from Manchester Art Galleries onto blog and annotate

-Any collected research/samples

-Access to email- Phone/computer/


-Access to Museum/Permission to go (if during lesson time)- Blackburn


All Achieved  
3 6th March -Get few samples /pages in book done

-Get all main research done on blog  (contexual)

-Update blog

-Gather materials- cotton ,muslin, vintage, anything that inspires me


-Materials, paints, screens- access to print/ weave room

-Access to Mac suites


All Achieved  
4 13th March -Get some more pages done in book

– Start finishing off main research and have all annotation up to date

-Take picture of group critique sheet, put on blog and annotate

-Type up evaluation of first stage ‘Research.’

– Take picture of ‘Development’ sheet-blog

-Take picture of tutor feedback- action plan- shireen

-Paints, paper, newspaper, buttons, sewing machine

-Access to macs/laptop



Partially Achieved

Been a difficult week-ofsted visit- limited access to rooms and facilities

-If some areas not achieved by end of this week, aim to achieve during next week.

5 20th March – Visit Making Room

-achieve any goals from previous week

-Print pictures from USB- Bpool/Darwen Tower

– Begin a reflective journal- blog

– Collect some images of maps- Pakistan/places of where family members were born/have been to

-Develop few detailed samples- range of techniques and materials taking inspiration from Mandy, Shelly, Jennifer

-Access to making rooms- ask permission if during lesson time

– Access to Library/Mac suites

-Access to print room/facilities


FMP Brief/Notes/Goals

Here is our unit 13 brief, we have all been given a word each which we have to develop a project on. The word I was given was ‘memory’. I have done a few mind maps and written down a few notes to narrow everything down for me. I find mind mapping very beneficial for me because it gives me a clearer idea of where to start with my project.

I associate the word memory with so many things. From the brain and thoughts to emotions, being in love to having dementia and depression. Memory is such a powerful thing. When I hear this word, I think of the past and my childhood. I think of all the events and photographs that may have taken place. Everyone has a past and goes through different emotions and events. As well as the good memories, bad ones happen to and can impact a person in so many ways. For example the loss of someone can lead to loneliness and depression for some, and many older people also have dementia.


  • visit charity shops- old wedding dresses
  • museums
  • personal belongings- mine and familys-mariams
  • 18th birthday
  • tree- old house
  • birthday cards- presents
  • buy sketch book- square- 2 separate
  • camera
  • Take Pictures of past students work- 2 books- ask danielle names