Weekly Goals Week 17- (12th June)

  • Finish exhibition bits and pieces
  • Finish blog and book
  • Prepare for Presentation- 13th June

Weekly Goals Week 15- (29th May)- SPRING BANK WEEK


  • Finish Book Work- stick samples
  • Buy frames ¬†and hangers for exhibition- vintage different sizes (preferably round ones)
  • Upload all sheets on blog and finish off all blog work
  • Business Costing- work out all costs
  • Put Bibliography in Harvard Format
  • Put Project Proposal in Template Danielle uploaded on fb
  • Plan for Individual Presentation
  • Buy bigger Frames and some tiny ones
  • Buy pearls for exhibition
  • Pick up Work from College
  • Tell Danielle about embroidery wheels idea
  • Evaluation!!
  • Fashion Illustration in book- resemble final outcomes

Weekly Goals Week 14- (22nd May)- DEADLINE FOR FINAL (EXHIBITION) PIECES

  • Get long Pieces done
  • add text to cherry blossom dress
  • finish other dress
  • saw dress together
  • get another length done-smaller one
  • make more gloves
  • add tags

Weekly Goals Week 13- (15th May)- FINAL DAY WITH MANDY

  • last week of printing
  • screen print back of ¬†dress
  • stitch into cherry blossoms
  • stay back after college
  • wax more tags and samples

Weekly Goals Week 12- (8th May)- MOCK EXHIBITION&REVIEWS

  • Ask Danielle about dress-back
  • Talk to Shireen about embroidery wheel idea
  • Ask about skirt- what to do with rest of it
  • Print on samples and little pieces
  • make gloves out of printed material
  • Long lengthss-muslin

Weekly Goals Week 11- (1st May)- DEVELOPMENT OF FINAL OUTCOME

  • cut dresses
  • paint cherry blossom
  • make long length
  • make more wax samples