Exhibition Planning

I discussed my ideas with my tutors and have come up with a rough idea of what I intend to include in my exhibition.


So far, I have a mannequin with my gloves on and I have many samples that I know can develop into something greater.

We came up with the idea of some sort of length draping in the background with my mannequin in front and another garment. I like my gloves and I think they would look really nice hanging as a collection along with some embroidery wheels and frames. I  want to bring my theme to life and really get the vintage feel going. I want my exhibition to evoke emotion to everyone who see’s it especially my family members and friends. I am honestly really excited about setting up my exhibition because I have worked really hard for this moment and I want to make the most out of this opportunity. This is the first chance for me to set up an exhibition of my own in a professional manner.

I have started looking at exhibition set up and spaces, not just on the internet but in shop window displays because they always inspire me. I have noticed everything is always very clean, white and sleek. I don’t want the attention to be taken off my work so I want everything to be basic and clean.

I don’t really like using too much internet for ideas but when I do, I feel Pinterest is the best tool for it because you will find everything you are looking for! One image leads you to a dozen other related images and I like that!


1st June 2017

I came into college today and the screens are already going up for the exhibition. It has really helped me seeing these because now I know what scale I am working with and I can plan out where each of my pieces can go.

Painting Screens 5th June

Today was actually fun, I think it’s the first time everyone actually worked together and accomplished something great. It has been good not to worry about anything and just enjoy myself after all the hard work. We all joined in and worked as a team which I think is really important because without everyone’s participation, I don’t think we would have completed everything. Everyone had their own little job, it was great. In industry there are going to be moments  where we will be required to work together whether we get along with someone or not and you have to adapt to things like this and this was a great example of teamwork.


Unfortunately, I haven’t been given a screen and I wasn’t happy about it  because I had high hopes and had planned everything I wanted. I feel having a screen looks more professional and more can be done with it, but that’s just how it had to be. I have learnt that sometimes circumstances change and you just have to adapt to them and always be prepared for changes to occur, because they do happen!

Nevertheless, I have been working on my exhibition this week and I think it’s coming together now. Because my exhibition is the first one you can see when you walk down the corridor, I want it to have a high impact and my job is to make it look as professional and attractive as possible.


I have hung my long lengths and dress up and have been working on my frames and embroidery wheels. I really liked how the embroidery wheel looked on my mannequin and I wanted more of them but hanging from the ceiling. I feel they look really effective and everything links together perfectly.