Evaluation of first stage ‘Research’



From previous projects, I have realised how important it is to be organised and that planning before hand really helps further along the line. From the first time I got introduced to the Final Major Project, I knew I have to take action and really achieve all the things I haven’t been able to achieve in previous projects, now is my opportunity to shine!

At first, I had a pretty good idea where I was heading because I started to research the moment I got given my brief. I wrote all of my ideas down on a mind map along with brief notes on my blog which I find really beneficial.

Although I was pretty clear on my ideas, having a pitch prepared me and gave me a head start as I got to discuss my ideas with my tutors. During the pitch, I got some suggestions as to what artists would be good for me. This strengthened  my research stage as I now know what type of artists to look out for along with a good idea of all the methods and materials I can use.

I think my secondary research is quite strong as I have gathered some great artists that I intend on using to create drawings and further samples from. Mandy Pattulo is one of them as she produces a lot of mixed media, collage work which is something I am focusing on. From the visit to the art galleries in Manchester, I found one artist whose work really caught my attention, Idris Khan.

I know that further on in this project I will find more research and artists that inspire me,but at this stage, I feel I have enough. My primary research is strong, but I do feel I need to collect more and record it all on my blog.

I have produced a good amount of drawing that I can develop further samples from. Some of them are influenced by my own ideas. I intend on doing a lot of mixed media work , using a variety of methods and materials:paper, tissue paper, muslin, newspaper,cotton, dyes, wax, stitch, screen print and many more. I feel I need to experiment more with different techniques that I haven’t used before to add some depth into my work.

I feel I have been managing my time really well so far and have been up to date and organised with everything, I intend on keeping this up through to the end of this project. I feel I have portrayed my concept well so far as I am doing all the things mentioned and taking action on it all.

My concerns are not having enough time to complete my work. In order to achieve my goals, I will ensure I am always attending college and class on time, so I don’t miss anything and fall behind. I will also keep referring back to my brief, timetable and action plan in order to manage my time better and stay organised. I need to set realistic goals that are achieved in a set amount of time. I may need some resources that college isn’t able to provide, so having enough money to buy them myself may be an issue. Overall, I am pretty confident to begin the development stage.





Interim Assessments/Feedback/Group Critiques


I agree with all the feedback that was given by my peers. From this, I gathered I need to evidence all of my primary research on my blog and experiment more with a range of surfaces and materials.20170320_205049[1]

I spoke to Shireen about my work so far and she looked through everything I have been working on. Having spoken about my ideas and next steps, we set some targets together which I am going to take action on. I personally like having these small conversations with my tutors because it is good having a second opinion on things sometimes and I also get some new ideas and artists by discussing my ideas and aims20170320_210014[1]

27th April 2017

Today I had a short interim assessment and catch up with my tutor. We discussed where I am right now at this stage and what my next steps are going to be. We came to the conclusion that I have a good body of practical work, but reference to my artist research is needed. Another subject we touched on is my annotation and that it is too detailed and descriptive, I fully agree with this. From this discussion, I have taken the point that I need to be more critical of my work and be a little more professional. My intention is to alter my annotation just so it is more straight to the point and critical.

Action Plan/Timetable/Records

actionThis is the timetable that was given to us, it has all the important deadlines and days highlighted so we can keep track of how much time we have for certain targets to be achieved. I personally enjoy having this as I am better prepared and organized and I know when certain assessments and days are coming up. 20170320_194351[1]20170320_194421[1]20170320_194439[1]20170320_195116[1]

This is my written copy of my action plan. It is really beneficial because we can set specific targets that need to be achieved within a week or the end of a certain day. It really helps ticking off things I have completed as I know I can now move on to another sample or piece of work. Having all the recourses listed also benefits me as I know the exact materials and items that I will need for the specific thing.20170320_194601[1]

Week Date of Beginning of week Activity/Intentions/independent study/What do I need to do? Resources/What will I need? Achieved/Not Achieved?/Notes  
1 20th Feb -Present ideas to tutor

-Draft of Project Proposal

-Create new (FMP) blog

-Collect Primary research- Old Photos, Objects, personal belongings

-Tree photo

-Go library get some books


-Access to blog- phone/computer/laptop/Ipad

-My notes-diary/pen paper

-Home photos

-Visits to shops/places/old house

-Access to library

All achieved except visit to old house is pretty difficult- don’t know how to ask to get picture of tree.

-Visit more shops- Charity Shops-old wedding dresses.

2 27th Feb -Present research to Nicola and develop drawings/work from it

-Have Project Proposal completed

-Visit Museums (if not already)

-Record everything on blog including project Proposal

-Put any pictures taken from Manchester Art Galleries onto blog and annotate

-Any collected research/samples

-Access to email- Phone/computer/


-Access to Museum/Permission to go (if during lesson time)- Blackburn


All Achieved  
3 6th March -Get few samples /pages in book done

-Get all main research done on blog  (contexual)

-Update blog

-Gather materials- cotton ,muslin, vintage, anything that inspires me


-Materials, paints, screens- access to print/ weave room

-Access to Mac suites


All Achieved  
4 13th March -Get some more pages done in book

– Start finishing off main research and have all annotation up to date

-Take picture of group critique sheet, put on blog and annotate

-Type up evaluation of first stage ‘Research.’

– Take picture of ‘Development’ sheet-blog

-Take picture of tutor feedback- action plan- shireen

-Paints, paper, newspaper, buttons, sewing machine

-Access to macs/laptop



Partially Achieved

Been a difficult week-ofsted visit- limited access to rooms and facilities

-If some areas not achieved by end of this week, aim to achieve during next week.

5 20th March – Visit Making Room

-achieve any goals from previous week

-Print pictures from USB- Bpool/Darwen Tower

– Begin a reflective journal- blog

– Collect some images of maps- Pakistan/places of where family members were born/have been to

-Develop few detailed samples- range of techniques and materials taking inspiration from Mandy, Shelly, Jennifer

-Access to making rooms- ask permission if during lesson time

– Access to Library/Mac suites

-Access to print room/facilities


‘Development’ Sketchbook/Development work

Introduction to the ‘Development’ stage

Here is the development process of me designing the front cover of my book. I have used a range of media like newspaper, magazine cuttings, tracing paper, wallpaper along with coffee and tea to stain the paper to give it a more vintage, ancient look.


This is the first page of my sketchbook. I have brainstormed all of my ideas onto this so I can keep looking back at it to remind me of what to include. I used a teabag and ink to create an ancient looking background that links to my word ‘Memory.’ Brainstorming and being organised is very important to me as it guides me better and also helps me with my ideas and development better.

Here is the process of me developing a sample for my sketchbook. I found some Graham&Brown wallpaper which I selected very carefully and used it as part of my sample. I picked all of my materials carefully even though I was just experimenting. I decided to use newspaper,wallpaper, tissue paper and brown paper because they fit in with my theme better and they give a better effect. My inspiration for this particular sample comes from a textiles artist called Mandy Pattulo, she produces a lot of collage work along with stitching and layering. I produced this sample which uses the same techniques, but I know i can develop this further by adding some more texture and stitch into it. For some extra experimental work, I used black and white wax crayons to write some text and painted over them with water colour paints. I like how there is a broken, positive negative effect to them, I will definitely use this technique in my further work.

In previous projects, I have used hot wax to create some samples and have liked the results. I decided to try this method out again just as part of my experimental work. I cut out label/tag shapes out of wallpaper and brown paper and wrote something on them before dipping them into the hot wax. Although I am not happy with these particular samples, I know that I want to use this method for further work in my project.


I wanted a specific look for this page which is an ancient, worn out effect which I happened to have achieved. I decided to incorporate text because it was lacking something. Typography is something I definitely like and intend on using in my future work. The image I have used is part of my primary research, it is my father in his younger days. To achieve the outcome that I wanted, I used colours of the same shade  and kept them neutral.

Here, I have taken inspiration from a blossom tree that we had in my old house when I was a child. I used masking tape to create clean cut blocks. I love the outcome as it has a professional look to it and it looks very effective. This blossom tree was grown by my parents and was part of us for a good few years and i also remember it which is why I decided to include it.

These pieces of tape are taken from the previous work I did. I was about to get rid of them when I realized they can be re used for something else and that they actually look quite effective. I decided to use a plain black background as the colours on the tape are lighter, so to make them stand out, I used a darker background.

I really liked the outcome from my previous page where I had the strips of tape, so I decided to do one where I actually planned the design this time. I painted a similar design of blossoms on the tape along with the outline of me as a child to add a personal touch to it. I like how there is a mosaic effect to it and how it looks like broken pieces. It is something different, I don’t think I have seen it before. I want to try out this same technique again but try stitching into it this time.

Here I have used the actual photocopies of the blossom tress to work with. I have used the same image but created 4 different outcomes. I think it adds character to my page as there are a mixture of textures and tones and they all contrast very well together. I decided to use another colour as well as the original pink of the actual blossom tree, just because it would have looked boring using only one colour. Using fine liner to outline the flowers brings out the detail of the different little shapes without taking too much attention away from the rest of the work.

Here I have incorporated pink to resemble the original colour of the blossoms. Whilst I was painting, I realised I was wearing some pants that had a similar pattern on them.

I created a background here by using random brush strokes. I used the same colours as I did on the previous page to make sure both pages linked and didn’t look random. At first I was going to leave it at that but decided to add some watered down mustard colour to make the page look a little more old and relevant to my theme. This still was lacking something so I added some large text. To do this, I used a method I have never used before, I came up with it on the spot. I painted some words on some paper, but the letters were backwards so that when I printed them they would be the right way round. I was genuinely very pleased with the results so I repeated this a few times until I was happy with the results.

I have included an image of myself as a child that is printed on acetate. To stick this on this background alone would have been very boring so I stitched a flower into it along with some text. This added a lot of character into the whole page and makes it look a whole lot interesting.  I have also included the tags that I made earlier on in the project because I wanted to add a different texture into the page and I achieved that by doing this. One thing I would change is the colour of my background. I feel it looks a little dull especially behind the acetate image, it takes the attention away from the picture and clashes, so next time I will bare in mind to use lighter colours.

Stitching into the Acetate was pretty difficult at times as I was stitching with my hand. Sometimes the needle would poke my finger as it was hard to push it through the acetate. a lot of tears were created which is why I decided to put some card behind the acetate to support it whilst I stitched. This also made it easier for me to push the needle through.

Befor I started this page, I had a rough idea of what I wanted to include in it. My intentions were to have an image of my mother along with some some objects to resemble her personality and hobbies. I chose to include some buttons,safety pins and floral lace as my mother is amazing at sewing and she has been doing this since a very long time. The blossoms resemble the tree we had which was also a big part of our lives. The other reason I chose to include them is because ‘blossom’ means to flourish and develop which relates to everyone and their lives but also shows the journey of me developing in this course and throughout life. These things just make my page a little more personal.

Here I am just creating a background for the next page in my book. I have again used colours that give an old effect, but I also decided to add a bit of colour to it to make it more interesting. I have not included any other work on this page yet as I cannot decide what will go well with it which is why I feel I should produce work on loose sheets of paper sometimes. That way I can place them wherever I like later on.

These pictures are taken from some samples of wallpaper produced by my tutor Shireen. I chose to use these as part of my research and inspiration as I have already used flowers in my project so far also because surface pattern is where I specialize in, so these will help me develop drawings and samples of my own.

This is one sample I created with the inspiration from the previous samples I have shown. I have also got some inspiration from one of Mandy Pattulo’s pieces of work from her sketchbook. I like how she used material on some parts of the page and painting and sewing in the other. I intend on incorporating this technique as I move on through this project as it looks really effective and relates to my interests and artist research.

I made this sample because it relates to my father and his hobbies. He is a very creative person which is why I chose a pencil and paintbrush to resemble this.

For this sample I have simply placed some paper filled with text behind an image on tracing paper of my father to make the image appear more clear. I didn’t wan’t to have a dark background as this would have clashed and taken the attention away from the image. For further development I have stitched some text on top and placed the whole thing in hot wax as this technique is really effective in bringing out all the detail that is already applied. I will use this sample as part of a page that I will base specifically on my father, his life and interests.

For another sample I was working on, I was intending on using a tea bag part of it. I needed any scrap piece of paper to rest my teabag on so I got what was closest to me and placed it on there. Unaware, I lifted my tea bag off this paper  and saw that it had created a beautiful effect. I came to realisation that this paper was fax paper, I think this is create to use as backgrounds and to create pattern and texture. Whilst experimenting, my teabag tore apart and I was about to get rid of it but instead I emptied it and dipped half of it in wax. I think it looks great but for further development I could try sewing into teabags and also placing pictures and objects inside them.

For these, I used white wax crayon and Quink Ink. I have already worked with this technique before and I love the outcome every time.. I chose to use Quink ink because it is dark and it defines my pattern more. I Intend on using these as part of my book work and samples. I think they would look good as a background with some other pieces as well as cut out shapes out of them.

With this piece, I had some wrapping paper that I liked the design of so I traced it and sewed into it. I thought sewing into it would look great because it is such an intricate, detailed pattern and would look effective if stitched. The only issue I had was that the tracing paper between small details kept getting stuck and distracting me. There wasn’t much I could do  to resolve this, but I managed to get it completed. I think something like this on a garment would look really effective. At the moment, this page in my book looks bare with just this single design on it so I intend on making more samples and including them to complete the page.

My inspiration for this piece came from Shelly Goldsmith. I like the effect of letters being stitched onto something. As a practice piece, I used newspaper and card but I actually like the end result, it’s something different.

This is a page from a former students work, Heidi. I liked the repeated text effect so I tried it out myself but I wanted to add my own touch to it so I spilt some water on top to diffuse some of the text. To take the attention off the text a little bit, I included some larger letters on top with stencils to add some character, I chose the colour blue because I thought it went well with the outcome of the smudged ink. This page looks empty, it needs something more. I intend on including something else once I have a wider range of samples.18120461_1304803236270855_1277614055_o.jpg

Here I have used an ink pad and stamps to print letters. I really enjoyed using them and would like to use them again to overlap many layers of letters and create some sort of print.

For these prints, I took a series of wallpapers and dabbed some paint onto them, I picked my wallpapers very carefully to ensure the paint will pick up the pattern and actually transfer the print onto the paper.






This drawing comes from a shoe I brought in of my little sisters when she was a baby. I thought it would be a good idea as it resembles her childhood and also a memory of mine as it was a very special moment for me and my family. I can develop this further by photocopying a few of them and adding colour to some along with stitch and texture. I can also layer it up with a few other materials, and it could be part of the memory book I plan to create. 17036653_1244305998987246_395261479_o17092826_1244306045653908_1916791218_o17106035_1244305968987249_1059666590_o

This is something else I did. I have gathered  photos of me, my siblings and parents and traced them. I had no idea what the outcome would be , I was just experimenting but I happen to really like the result. They have an animated look to them and i think they would look great if I embroidered them onto fabric as part of my experimental samples which could later result in being some form of garment.


Visit to Art Galleries-Manchester


Today we went to Manchester to visit two art galleries to add as part of our research and to find some inspiration.

These are some of the pieces I found in the first one, Manchester Art Gallery. They are mostly oil paintings of people that are spending time together or hold some sort of relationship between each other. My favorite piece is the ‘kiss me,baby’ by Frederick James Shields, this is because it shows the maternal relationship between the mother and baby which is very special.  This first gallery held more of the historical and ancient artists from the nineteenth century.

The second gallery we visited is the Whitworth art gallery. This one holds the more recent, modern work which I prefer to the other one. This is because I found more work that is suitable to my taste and also relevant to my theme and concept. I like how a range of work is displayed there such as surface pattern wallpaper samples, garments, drawings, digital outcomes and work from previous students from college. This visit has definitely benefited me as I have got to see for myself what my final outcomes can turn out to be and how I don’t have to over-complicate things for myself in order to achieve an effective piece of work. I also got a good idea of how my work can be displayed in an exhibition and all the different ways I can do it. During this visit, I found a few great artists that inspired me. One being Karen Casper and the other Alice Kettle.I like how Karen uses lace and mixed media in most of her work, it is something I am focusing on too. Another artist is Idris Khan, I love the work that I saw of his today, it involves a huge amount of  layered text in English and Arabic. I just think its incredible and very effective.