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When I was given my word ‘memory’, I was honestly overjoyed, because I instantly thought of my family and all the beautiful moments we’ve shared. It’s a really broad topic and I knew I wasn’t limited to just one idea or outcome.

For the first time, the research stage was actually really enjoyable for me because I got to dig through the family photo box after a very long time. Talking to my family members about the past and my childhood was really nice and also hearing about their childhood and how things were different for them compared to me in this day and age. As part of research, I am pleased we got to visit the Manchester galleries as I got to see the work of different artists and also how professionally their work is exhibited. One of my favourite Artists who’s work I saw is Idris Khan, his work is exceptional. It inspired me in thinking you can start of with something as small as a letter and produce work as amazing as his. For further contexual research, I have used Mandy Pattulo as my main inspiration, because her work is very personal and tells a story in each piece she produces. I love how she explores different materials, techniques and outcomes.

In developing my samples, I was being a little safe at first, only using paper and wallpaper but talking to tutors and exploring different techniques and materials helped me develop really strong pieces of work. This course has helped me overcome my fear of not touching a sewing machine. I hated sewing because I wasn’t used to it, but I was determined to practice and try something different. Overcoming this doubt has been great for me because I have been able to explore my hidden ability to produce really strong stitched pieces of work and without it I would’t have the fantastic work I have today, as most of my final outcomes and samples consist of stitch. I have learnt it is better to attempt something and get it wrong than not try at all.

Having feedback has helped me a lot, not only in this project but in general because it’s nice getting  guidance and extra suggestions from other people sometimes. One thing I have realised about myself is that I panic too much which causes me to get flustered and upset, which is why I have learnt to ask for help when I don’t understand something rather than stay in confusion. Time management is another thing I need to work on, I feel I work too slow sometimes and there have been situations which have challenged me to work a little faster because there isn’t always enough time as we think there is. I have acknowledged I should deal with situations in a better manner as there has been situations where things haven’t gone according to plan, but that is reality and I have to accept it because in industry and University, there will always be situations that will challenge me but  how I deal with it is important.

Setting up my own exhibition was a first for me but it was quite fun getting together and painting all the screens, however I got to see the reality of it and the expense of it all. Business costing has definitely opened my eyes as to how costy an exhibition and a project can be especially if I want to be a freelance designer.

I feel I have followed my concept pretty well but a few things have changed along the way such as including love heartbreak and friends. I think this happened because to me family is the most important and I wanted my project to be really close and personal to me. I wanted my work to evoke emotion and I feel I have achieved that. My final outcomes turned out better than expected and everything links together which I was afraid of not happening.

Compare to previous projects, I feel this is my strongest as I have been more dedicated and focused on it. My Primary research was strong from the start which I feel is important because it is the starting point of any project. I have definitely been more organised and focused by setting weekly goals and looking at my time table regularly which helped me accomplish more than I thought within a short amount of time. Having a blog has really benefited me, it is so easy to access anywhere. With my handwriting being difficult to read, this is perfect for me as it looks more professional and is easy to read.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the final major project, it has been a learning journey  and a great experience and opportunity for me, especially to exhibit my work for everyone to see. I have learnt a lot about myself as a person as well as an artist, I have discovered where my strengths and  weaknesses lie. My favourite process has to be screen printing and with time, my love for surface pattern has grown and I am excited to take all of my experience and knowledge further in University. Over the course of these two years, I have learnt to be more critical of my work and to also take constructive criticism from others. I have enjoyed producing garments which I have never done before, it is nice to try new things! I feel my final pieces are very strong and successful, and I have achieved a better outcome than I had in mind.

Interim Assessments/Feedback/Group Critiques


I agree with all the feedback that was given by my peers. From this, I gathered I need to evidence all of my primary research on my blog and experiment more with a range of surfaces and materials.20170320_205049[1]

I spoke to Shireen about my work so far and she looked through everything I have been working on. Having spoken about my ideas and next steps, we set some targets together which I am going to take action on. I personally like having these small conversations with my tutors because it is good having a second opinion on things sometimes and I also get some new ideas and artists by discussing my ideas and aims20170320_210014[1]

27th April 2017

Today I had a short interim assessment and catch up with my tutor. We discussed where I am right now at this stage and what my next steps are going to be. We came to the conclusion that I have a good body of practical work, but reference to my artist research is needed. Another subject we touched on is my annotation and that it is too detailed and descriptive, I fully agree with this. From this discussion, I have taken the point that I need to be more critical of my work and be a little more professional. My intention is to alter my annotation just so it is more straight to the point and critical.

‘Development’ Sketchbook/Development work

Introduction to the ‘Development’ stage

I have designed the front cover of my book using a range of media like newspaper, magazine cuttings, tracing paper, wallpaper along with coffee and tea to stain the paper to give it a more vintage, ancient look. I don’t like leaving anything plain and boring and by having a nice front cover it actually motivates me to work in it.

I have brainstormed all of my ideas onto this so I can keep looking back at it to remind me of what to include. I tried making the page look as ancient as possible with a mixture of ink and tea. Brainstorming and being organised is very important to me as it guides me better and also helps me with my ideas and development better.

I found some Graham&Brown wallpaper which I selected very carefully and used it as part of my sample. I picked all of my materials carefully even though I was just experimenting. I decided to use newspaper,wallpaper, tissue paper and brown paper because they fit in with my theme better and they give a better effect. My inspiration for this particular sample comes from a textiles artist called Mandy Pattulo, she produces a lot of collage work along with stitching and layering. I produced this sample which uses the same techniques, but I know i can develop this further by adding some more texture and stitch into it. For some extra experimental work, I used black and white wax crayons to write some text and painted over them with water colour paints. I like how there is a broken, positive negative effect to them.

In previous projects, I have used hot wax to create some samples and have liked the results, it’s also really fun! I decided to try this method out again just as part of my experimental work. I created some tags out of paper and wax just to see what they would look like. Although I am not happy with these particular samples, I know that other materials and samples will look great using this technique.


I wanted a specific look for this page which I achieved. I decided to incorporate text because it was lacking something. Typography is something I definitely like and intend on using in my future work. I have used an image of my father when he was young, I love this photo of him because I have been told many stories about how he was a poser in his days and he looks very handsome. I don’t really like using bright colours, I used colours of the same shade and kept them neutral.

Here, I have taken inspiration from a blossom tree that we had in my old house when I was a child. I used masking tape to create clean cut blocks. I love the outcome, it looks really clean and neat. This blossom tree was grown by my parents and was part of us for a good few years and i also remember standing in front of it to take pictures.

These pieces of tape are taken from the previous work I did. I was about to get rid of them when I realized they can be re used for something else and that they actually look quite effective. I decided to use a plain black background as the colours on the tape are lighter, so to make them stand out, I used a darker background.

I really liked the outcome from my previous page where I had the strips of tape, so I decided to do one where I actually planned the design this time. I painted a similar design of blossoms on the tape along with the outline of me as a child to add a personal touch to it. I like how there is a mosaic effect to it and how it looks like broken pieces. It is something different, I don’t think I have seen it before. I want to try out this same technique again but try stitching into it this time.

I photocopied the image of the blossom tree and  have used it to create 4 different outcomes. I think it adds character to my page as there are a mixture of textures and tones and they all contrast very well together. I decided to use another colour as well as the original pink of the actual blossom tree, just because it would have looked boring using only one colour. Using fine liner to outline the flowers brings out the detail of the different little shapes without taking too much attention away from the rest of the work. I had a lot of fun painting this page but it did get a little annoying having to paint the little details.

Here I have incorporated pink to resemble the original colour of the blossoms. Whilst I was painting, I realised I was wearing some pants that had a similar pattern on them.

I created a background here by using random brush strokes. I used the same colours as I did on the previous page to make sure both pages linked and didn’t look random. At first I was going to leave it at that but decided to add some watered down mustard colour to make the page look a little more old and relevant to my theme. This still was lacking something so I added some large text. To do this, I used a method I have never used before, I came up with it on the spot. I painted some words on some paper, but the letters were backwards so that when I printed them they would be the right way round. I was genuinely very pleased with the results so I repeated this a few times until I was happy with the results.

I like how my photos look on acetate, they can be used in many different ways and you can layer them many times which is why I printed many more after this. To stick this on this background alone would have been very boring so I stitched a flower into it along with some text. I used pink thread so my page links the previous page. Having added the tags I made before adds a little depth and colour without draining the other colours out. One thing I would change is the colour of my background. I feel it looks a little dull especially behind the acetate image, it takes the attention away from the picture and clashes, so next time I will bare in mind to use lighter colours.

Stitching into the Acetate was pretty difficult at times as I was stitching with my hand. Sometimes the needle would poke my finger as it was hard to push it through the acetate. a lot of tears were created which is why I decided to put some foam paper behind the acetate to support it whilst I stitched. This also made it easier for me to push the needle through.

My mum is my life and I wanted to  create a page resembling her personality and hobbies. I chose to include some buttons,safety pins and floral lace as my mother is amazing at sewing and she has been doing this since a very long time. The blossoms resemble the tree we had which was also a big part of our lives. The other reason I chose to include them is because ‘blossom’ means to flourish and develop which relates to everyone and their lives but also shows the journey of me developing in this course and throughout life. These little details just make my page a little more personal.

I used neutral colours at first to create this background but it looked too boring, I added a bit of colour to it to bring it to life. I have not included any other work on this page yet as I cannot decide what will go well with it which is why I feel I should produce work on loose sheets of paper sometimes. That way I can place them wherever I like later on.

These pictures are taken from some samples of wallpaper produced by my tutor Shireen. I chose to use these as part of my research and inspiration as I have already used flowers in my project so far also because surface pattern is where I specialize in, so these will help me develop drawings and samples of my own. I enjoyed having Shireen talk me through her work and the processes she used because I can apply these.

I have also got some inspiration from one of Mandy Pattulo’s pieces of work from her sketchbook. I like how she used material on some parts of the page and painting and sewing in the other. I intend on incorporating this technique as I move on through this project as it looks really effective and relates to my interests and artist research.

I made this sample because it relates to my father and his hobbies. He is a very creative person which is why I chose a pencil and paintbrush to resemble this.

I didn’t wan’t to have a dark background as this would have clashed and taken the attention away from the image. For further development I have stitched some text on top and placed the whole thing in hot wax as this technique is really effective in bringing out all the detail that is already applied. I will use this sample as part of a page that I will base specifically on my father, his life and interests.

For another sample I was working on, I was intending on using a tea bag part of it. I needed any scrap piece of paper to rest my teabag on so I got what was closest to me and placed it on there. Unaware, I lifted my tea bag off this paper  and saw that it had created a beautiful effect. I came to realisation that this paper was fax paper, I think this is create to use as backgrounds and to create pattern and texture. Whilst experimenting, my teabag tore apart and I was about to get rid of it but instead I emptied it and dipped half of it in wax. I think it looks great but for further development I could try sewing into teabags and also placing pictures and objects inside them.

I have already worked with this technique before and I love the outcome every time.. I chose to use Quink ink because it is dark and it defines my pattern more. I Intend on using these as part of my book work and samples. I think they would look good as a background with some other pieces as well as cut out shapes out of them.

I had some wrapping paper that I liked the design of so I traced it and sewed into it. I thought sewing into it would look great because it is such an intricate, detailed pattern and would look amazing if  I stitched into it. The only issue I had was that the tracing paper between small details kept getting stuck and distracting me. There wasn’t much I could do  to resolve this, but I managed to get it completed. I think something like this on a garment would look really nice. At the moment, this page in my book looks bare with just this single design on it so I intend on making more samples and including them to complete the page.

My inspiration for this piece came from Shelly Goldsmith. I like the effect of letters being stitched onto something. As a practice piece, I used newspaper and card but I actually like the end result, it’s something different.

This is a page from a former students work, Heidi. I liked the repeated text effect so I tried it out myself but I wanted to add my own touch to it so I spilt some water on top to diffuse some of the text. To take the attention off the text a little bit, I included some larger letters on top with stencils to add some character, I chose the colour blue because I thought it went well with the outcome of the smudged ink. This page looks empty, it needs something more. I intend on including something else once I have a wider range of samples.18120461_1304803236270855_1277614055_o.jpg

My tutor lent me some stamps and an ink pad. I have really enjoyed using them and would like to use them again to overlap many layers of letters and create some sort of print.

I was just experimenting to see what it would look like to paint onto wallpaper and transfer the print, the results were beautiful!

I had to ensure the wallpapers I chose were textured and detailed for a better print. I want to do this technique again but with my own designs and surfaces instead.

I used a calligraphy pen tip to do some typography, I was happy with the results, but the tip did keep falling out which is why I had to tape it.

My little sisters birth is a big part of my life still to this day, I wanted to make her page really personal so I included the drawing of her shoe along with her ID band from hospital. I used different shades of pink to resemble the birth of a girl! I like how neutral yet effective these pages look because as some of my pages are heavily detailed, I want some that are toned down also.

I have collected as many things that remind me of my father and assembled them. My dad absolutely loves tea which is why I HAD to include a lot of it on these pages. The image of cars resembles his love of cars and I have included his birthplace, ‘Pakistan.’ He is a very old fashioned person which is why I painted the clock and make the pages as old as possible.

Most of my work is inspired around the work of Mandy Pattulo, these pages in particular. I like to pick my materials, colours and surfaces very carefully because it;s important anything doesn’t look mismatched and random.

Her glove designs are beautiful, so unique! I made a few in my book and the results are quite effective, which is why I have produced a whole collection of them. I have made sure every glove is different and stands out in its own way. Hands are very personal which is why gloves fit in perfectly with my theme, some resemble people I have lost and love dearly.

Most of my pages are pretty full on, here I wanted to try something diifferent.

It was lacking something so I made this, I actually really like it and it would look great as a wall hanging for my exhibition, but I feel I already have enough so I am leaving it as a sample in my sketchbook.

I have many spare samples and images and here I have just assembled them and stitched into the page to make a nice collage.

I love this page! I never thought I would say this because at first I was just sticking down newspaper to make a collage, but then I remembered from previous mistakes to not think about it too much and just do it. I have definitely learnt that when you don’t stress about it too much, you end up with a better result.

This was so easy to do, yet very effective. I like how the wax paper has instantly made my images look 10 years older and more vintage. Stitching around the images has brought them out more and it doesn’t look as boring.

I like the idea of tying smaller pages into my book which is why I made this collage and tied it back into my book with a ribbon. It adds character to my sketchbook and I feel that a good sketchbook is just as important as final outcomes.

Instead of covering the stitching from the previous page  up, I used it to create a vintage, mixed media collage, using the different sized squares as frames. I want to include another page on top of this page, maybe something transparent like a sheet of acetate.

I put some scrap wallpaper underneath my fabric whilst I was painting my tree and screen printing, and the result it left behind caught my eye because before I started with my dress, my initial idea was to paint a family tree with images hanging off it but this happened unexpectedly. This is one thing I love about this course and being a creative person, Art is literally everywhere and can be created with anything at any time. I am happy we get a development stage where we get to experiment a little because It guides me better and shows me what works and what doesn’t.

My inspiration for this style came from my pretty bed covers.

I am not the best at fashion illustrations but I liked the look of one I saw on Pinterest and wanted to have an attempt at creating it but in my own way.


Another sample created with scraps of material.


This was very time consuming but well worth it. It was quite annoying at some point because the paper would tear where there was really narrow sections of paper. For the next time I do this, I will stick two pieces of paper together or use a stronger piece of card.

Paper cutting turned out much better and easier this time as I stuck two pieces of card together.

In my sketchbooks, I like have a correlation between both pages, otherwise I feel they just look random and out of place. This is why I painted the white card (which was way too bright). I feel it tones it down more and links better with the opposite page.

On the bottom right corner I have included an image which I love dearly of my two siblings. It is black and white which is perfect for this page and I put acetate on top to make it look like a real photograph. I like how these pages turned out because I hadn’t really planned it.


At the beginning of this project, I used this same process of aligning masking tape together and painting or drawing something on it, this time I wanted to see how it would look if I screen printed onto masking tape, it turned out really well. I intended to keep these pages quite basic but not too much so I also stitched into the page. I have grown to really like sewing, I feel it brings definition to anything.

These samples are what my final outcomes will look like, except these are on a smaller scale. I like how all the different textures of paper and the different images merge together and look really effective.

After I had done these pages, I was looking through Pinterest and found an Artist whose work reminded me of mine. I like how it looks really original and doesn’t look too complicated.


Planning my final outcomes.