When I was given my word ‘memory’, I was honestly overjoyed, because I instantly thought of my family and all the beautiful moments we’ve shared. It’s a really broad topic and I knew I wasn’t limited to just one idea or outcome.

For the first time, the research stage was actually really enjoyable for me because I got to dig through the family photo box after a very long time. Talking to my family members about the past and my childhood was really nice and also hearing about their childhood and how things were different for them compared to me in this day and age. As part of research, I am pleased we got to visit the Manchester galleries as I got to see the work of different artists and also how professionally their work is exhibited. One of my favourite Artists who’s work I saw is Idris Khan, his work is exceptional. It inspired me in thinking you can start of with something as small as a letter and produce work as amazing as his. For further contexual research, I have used Mandy Pattulo as my main inspiration, because her work is very personal and tells a story in each piece she produces. I love how she explores different materials, techniques and outcomes.

In developing my samples, I was being a little safe at first, only using paper and wallpaper but talking to tutors and exploring different techniques and materials helped me develop really strong pieces of work. This course has helped me overcome my fear of not touching a sewing machine. I hated sewing because I wasn’t used to it, but I was determined to practice and try something different. Overcoming this doubt has been great for me because I have been able to explore my hidden ability to produce really strong stitched pieces of work and without it I would’t have the fantastic work I have today, as most of my final outcomes and samples consist of stitch. I have learnt it is better to attempt something and get it wrong than not try at all.

Having feedback has helped me a lot, not only in this project but in general because it’s nice getting  guidance and extra suggestions from other people sometimes. One thing I have realised about myself is that I panic too much which causes me to get flustered and upset, which is why I have learnt to ask for help when I don’t understand something rather than stay in confusion. Time management is another thing I need to work on, I feel I work too slow sometimes and there have been situations which have challenged me to work a little faster because there isn’t always enough time as we think there is. I have acknowledged I should deal with situations in a better manner as there has been situations where things haven’t gone according to plan, but that is reality and I have to accept it because in industry and University, there will always be situations that will challenge me but  how I deal with it is important.

Setting up my own exhibition was a first for me but it was quite fun getting together and painting all the screens, however I got to see the reality of it and the expense of it all. Business costing has definitely opened my eyes as to how costy an exhibition and a project can be especially if I want to be a freelance designer.

I feel I have followed my concept pretty well but a few things have changed along the way such as including love heartbreak and friends. I think this happened because to me family is the most important and I wanted my project to be really close and personal to me. I wanted my work to evoke emotion and I feel I have achieved that. My final outcomes turned out better than expected and everything links together which I was afraid of not happening.

Compare to previous projects, I feel this is my strongest as I have been more dedicated and focused on it. My Primary research was strong from the start which I feel is important because it is the starting point of any project. I have definitely been more organised and focused by setting weekly goals and looking at my time table regularly which helped me accomplish more than I thought within a short amount of time. Having a blog has really benefited me, it is so easy to access anywhere. With my handwriting being difficult to read, this is perfect for me as it looks more professional and is easy to read.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the final major project, it has been a learning journey  and a great experience and opportunity for me, especially to exhibit my work for everyone to see. I have learnt a lot about myself as a person as well as an artist, I have discovered where my strengths and  weaknesses lie. My favourite process has to be screen printing and with time, my love for surface pattern has grown and I am excited to take all of my experience and knowledge further in University. Over the course of these two years, I have learnt to be more critical of my work and to also take constructive criticism from others. I have enjoyed producing garments which I have never done before, it is nice to try new things! I feel my final pieces are very strong and successful, and I have achieved a better outcome than I had in mind.


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