Interim Assessments/Feedback/Group Critiques


I agree with all the feedback that was given by my peers. From this, I gathered I need to evidence all of my primary research on my blog and experiment more with a range of surfaces and materials.20170320_205049[1]

I spoke to Shireen about my work so far and she looked through everything I have been working on. Having spoken about my ideas and next steps, we set some targets together which I am going to take action on. I personally like having these small conversations with my tutors because it is good having a second opinion on things sometimes and I also get some new ideas and artists by discussing my ideas and aims20170320_210014[1]

27th April 2017

Today I had a short interim assessment and catch up with my tutor. We discussed where I am right now at this stage and what my next steps are going to be. We came to the conclusion that I have a good body of practical work, but reference to my artist research is needed. Another subject we touched on is my annotation and that it is too detailed and descriptive, I fully agree with this. From this discussion, I have taken the point that I need to be more critical of my work and be a little more professional. My intention is to alter my annotation just so it is more straight to the point and critical.

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