Evaluation of first stage ‘Research’



From previous projects, I have realised how important it is to be organised and that planning before hand really helps further along the line. From the first time I got introduced to the Final Major Project, I knew I have to take action and really achieve all the things I haven’t been able to achieve in previous projects, now is my opportunity to shine!

At first, I had a pretty good idea where I was heading because I started to research the moment I got given my brief. I wrote all of my ideas down on a mind map along with brief notes on my blog which I find really beneficial.

Although I was pretty clear on my ideas, having a pitch prepared me and gave me a head start as I got to discuss my ideas with my tutors. During the pitch, I got some suggestions as to what artists would be good for me. This strengthened  my research stage as I now know what type of artists to look out for along with a good idea of all the methods and materials I can use.

I think my secondary research is quite strong as I have gathered some great artists that I intend on using to create drawings and further samples from. Mandy Pattulo is one of them as she produces a lot of mixed media, collage work which is something I am focusing on. From the visit to the art galleries in Manchester, I found one artist whose work really caught my attention, Idris Khan.

I know that further on in this project I will find more research and artists that inspire me,but at this stage, I feel I have enough. My primary research is strong, but I do feel I need to collect more and record it all on my blog.

I have produced a good amount of drawing that I can develop further samples from. Some of them are influenced by my own ideas. I intend on doing a lot of mixed media work , using a variety of methods and materials:paper, tissue paper, muslin, newspaper,cotton, dyes, wax, stitch, screen print and many more. I feel I need to experiment more with different techniques that I haven’t used before to add some depth into my work.

I feel I have been managing my time really well so far and have been up to date and organised with everything, I intend on keeping this up through to the end of this project. I feel I have portrayed my concept well so far as I am doing all the things mentioned and taking action on it all.

My concerns are not having enough time to complete my work. In order to achieve my goals, I will ensure I am always attending college and class on time, so I don’t miss anything and fall behind. I will also keep referring back to my brief, timetable and action plan in order to manage my time better and stay organised. I need to set realistic goals that are achieved in a set amount of time. I may need some resources that college isn’t able to provide, so having enough money to buy them myself may be an issue. Overall, I am pretty confident to begin the development stage.


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