Action Plan/Timetable/Records

This is the timetable that was given to us, it has all the important deadlines and days highlighted so we can keep track of how much time we have for certain targets to be achieved. I personally enjoy having this as I am better prepared and organised and I know when certain assessments and days are coming up. 20170320_194351[1]20170320_194421[1]20170320_194439[1]20170320_195116[1]

This is my written copy of my action plan. It is really beneficial because we can set specific targets that need to be achieved within a week or the end of a certain day. It really helps ticking off things I have completed as I know I can now move on to another sample or piece of work. Having all the resources listed also benefits me as I know the exact materials and items that I will need for the specific thing.20170320_194601[1]

As part of my action plan, I have also made it priority to set weekly goals and record them on my blog as it helps me with my next steps and achievements.


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