Visit to Art Galleries-Manchester


Today we went to Manchester to visit two art galleries to add as part of our research and to find some inspiration.

These are some of the pieces I found in the first one, Manchester Art Gallery. They are mostly oil paintings of people that are spending time together or hold some sort of relationship between each other. My favorite piece is the ‘kiss me,baby’ by Frederick James Shields, this is because it shows the maternal relationship between the mother and baby which is very special.  This first gallery held more of the historical and ancient artists from the nineteenth century.

The second gallery we visited is the Whitworth art gallery. This one holds the more recent, modern work which I prefer to the other one. This is because I found more work that is suitable to my taste and also relevant to my theme and concept. I like how a range of work is displayed there such as surface pattern wallpaper samples, garments, drawings, digital outcomes and work from previous students from college. This visit has definitely benefited me as I have got to see for myself what my final outcomes can turn out to be and how I don’t have to over-complicate things for myself in order to achieve an effective piece of work. I also got a good idea of how my work can be displayed in an exhibition and all the different ways I can do it. During this visit, I found a few great artists that inspired me. One being Karen Casper and the other Alice Kettle.I like how Karen uses lace and mixed media in most of her work, it is something I am focusing on too. Another artist is Idris Khan, I love the work that I saw of his today, it involves a huge amount of  layered text in English and Arabic. I just think its incredible and very effective.

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