Pitch for FMP- Danielle

In my pitch, I talked about my ideas and presented all my research to Danielle. My Theme is Memory, so far I have done some contextual research on Artists that inspire me and are relevant to my topic.

I talked about what I would like to focus on which is a vintage, mixed media styled work. Some of the Artists that inspire me are Mandy Pattulo, Shelly Goldsmith, Zoe Buckman and many more. I want to include stitching and typography along with layered materials  and vintage styled wallpaper. Most importantly, I want to include some of my own childhood and recent memories. I want to make this a personal project where a story is told throughout.

We discussed that I need to collect many photos that represent my childhood along with recordings of conversations with my family about my childhood. From this talk, we came to the conclusion that I should begin a memory book to record all of these moments and images.

I also associate the word ‘Memory’ with love, heartbreak. loss and grief which is why I plan on including song lyrics and passages from books. To represent relationships, family, friendships, I want to create some stencils of people who are doing something that represents love,loss or grief and create screens out of them along with using them as part of my research and developing work. For the loss and grief aspect, I am going to photograph any belongings I may have of my late grandparents. This will make my project that little more personal and original.


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