Primary Research-Photos/Books/Visits/Objects

For my primary research, I plan to gather as many old photos of my personal memories along with belongings that resemble them so I can draw and develop some samples from them. I also intend on visiting the Blackburn museum to photograph anything that I find relevant to my theme. A trip to Manchester has  also been planned for the week commencing, where we will be visiting art galleries as part of our research. My old house was a big part of my childhood and it always will be, all of my life was spent there which is why I intend on including every moment that was spent there. A tree was planted when we moved there which is also when I was only 1 years of age, so I want to revisit my old house to take images of it because it is of the same age as me now and a big part of me.

As a child, I was my fathers best friend, I drew and painted a lot with him because he is the one that taught me everything, he is very creative like me, I would like to find some memories of my drawings from when I was a child. My little sisters birth was a very special moment for us all also a little surprising to me as I thought I would always be the youngest and fathers favourite. Many memories have been captured of her and I have loved watching her grow up to see her journey. Some personal belongings are still with us from when she was a child which I would like to draw from and include in my memory book. She too is very creative like me and I have loved watching her and teaching her the correct way of doing things. I want to get some of her drawings and paintings to incorporate in my project.

All of my grandparents have passed away, I only got to meet one of them which is my grandmother. I didn’t get to meet my grandfather but there is footage of him as my father has always loved to film everything. Some of his belongings are also left with us. There are videos of my childhood and my family when they were young which I may include in my project.

My father is a nature lover which is why he took us to the mountains many times in our lives. Many of our memories are spent there and it is very special to me and my family because no one else really knows the places we went to, it was like our little secret. As we have grown up, we have had days out to Darwen Tower as a family because there are many mountains and a beautiful river there.

Another big part of me along with my family is my best friend. We have 11 years of friendship between us. I think this is important to include as one of the things I am focusing on is friendship and bonds. On her 18th Birthday, I decided to create a memory book of all the times we have spent together for her. I intend on photocopying and scanning some of the images from it to include as part of my research and development. Along with this, I would also like to include love and heartbreak in my project because it is something many people go through and have been through. It can create many memories, good and bad which is why I want to put it in my work.

Nursery and school was part of my childhood which I want to include. I still have my certificates from primary school which I will photocopy and stitch into along with layering and melting into plastic.


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