FMP Brief/Notes/Goals

The word I have been given in this unit is  ‘memory’. I have done a few mind maps and written down a few notes to narrow everything down for me. I find mind mapping very beneficial for me because it gives me a clearer concept of where to start with my project.

I associate the word memory with so many things. From the brain and thoughts to emotions, being in love to having dementia and depression. Memory is such a powerful thing. When I hear this word, I think of the past and my childhood. I think of all the events and photographs that may have taken place. Everyone has a past and goes through different emotions and events. As well as the good memories, bad ones happen to and can impact a person in so many ways. For example the loss of someone can lead to loneliness and depression for some, and many older people also have dementia.


  • visit charity shops- old wedding dresses
  • museums
  • personal belongings- mine and familys-mariams
  • 18th birthday
  • tree- old house
  • birthday cards- presents
  • buy sketch book- square- 2 separate
  • camera
  • Take Pictures of past students work- 2 books- ask danielle names

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